Friday, March 21, 2008

Puffed Pastry Twists

Here's a dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free pastry/cookie that I just discovered. It's French Twists by Barry's Bakery. They are really good. As the packaging indicates, they are basically layers of puffed pastry in a twisted shape with sweet cinnamony flavor throughout. These would work well as a light dessert, go great with coffee, or in my case, just be a yummy snacking cookie to be eaten at any time of day. I've tried the original and the maple french toast flavors and they are both very good. I primarily buy them for my food-allergic daughter so she can enjoy some sweet snacks every now and then, but I have to admit that I think I'm the one eating most of them everytime I get a bag. They are also only 60 calories apiece, but be forewarned that you will want to eat more than one in one sitting.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I used to get these at Trader Joe's and they were delicious. Out of this world in fact. Where did you get yours? My daughter would like them too. Good call. What other flavors do they sell? I think I liked a cinnamon one?

christina said...

I actually found these at a non-chain specialty food store. I know they have a website that might tell you where you can find their products (not sure though).